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The painting below is a scene from Forsyth Park in Savannah, painted to commemorate our trip celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary.  Our gifts often enable us to indulge in our passions, good or bad, whatever they may be.  If are gifts are used to honor God, the indulgence of our passions will likely honor Him as well.  Enjoy the picture, listen to the short devotional, and feel free to shop our selection.  Stay tuned for our next post.







16 x 20 

Acrylic Canvas Art


Senait Wolassa

Thank you for viewing our site and listening to our presentation

We hope the artwork and the presentation perform as intended. 

We hope you found it impactful enough to share with someone in need of encouragement. 

Please visit our blog page for new post on spiritual growth.

  God Bless You!!

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