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Two Things We Have To Do.

Luke 10:38-42

The Leadership Development Workshop is passionate in its pursuit of exploring the

practicality of the Bible and Scriptural Teachings. We find that oftentimes people have a hard time with the idea of a God, One God, a Supreme Entity responsible for everything that is. But people are more likely to accept the idea of truth that governs all and that all are subject to. One truth and one reality that governs all is that all are required to consume, all will be consumed, and all will be required to serve in some capacity. In Luke 10:38-42, we see Jesus serve as a tiebreaker in a minor dispute between two sisters, Martha, and Mary. Consumption often deals with the idea of eating and drinking and the purchase of goods and services, we will call this eating for the purpose of this post. We will serve in three capacities: we will serve ourselves, we will serve others, and we will serve God or the Truth. It is a beautiful thing when our service of ourselves and others can be found under the umbrella of our service to God. The things you do for yourself, and others should be pleasing in the eyes of God. We see Mary is consumed by the idea of learning from Jesus and she is consuming the knowledge and wisdom He is providing to her. Martha is consumed by the idea of providing a meal to Him and makes this a priority over the opportunity to learn from Him. When asked to settle the dispute, Jesus tells her, “Mary has chosen that good part.” Jesus highlights the importance of balance in our activities and the need to prioritize learning. Two things we must do: we must eat, and we must serve. Learn to balance your activities and prioritize the opportunities to learn. We hope you enjoyed this motivational word.

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