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From the perspective of those who matter most, what is the perception of you right now?


















Welcome to the Leadership Development Workshop!


Join us every Monday for a Motivational Word @ 7pm.

Meeting ID:  858 2928 9162

Password:  wd4fRM

While you're here, take some time to view our Weekly Feature and presentation Replay, comment on our current blog post (More menu option), and browse our Art Collection available for purchase (Shop).

Tickle Your Fancy!

Each week, we present Monday's Motivational Word to equip and enrich your soul.  We present presentations themed on spiritual growth, personal development, relationship, and communication meant to complement each work of art.  Listen below and if your blessed we pray you will frequent our site and bless us with your word of mouth.  Thank you for visiting and please come again.  God Bless!!

Meet The Artist











Senait Wolassa,



Hometown:  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Migration: To U.S. in 2001

Family: Married with 2 Children

Faith: Member of Belvedere Seventh Day Adventist Church

Artistic Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Formal Artistic Training: None

Likes:  Flowers, Youth Ministry, Cooking

Dislikes:  Living with Regret  

Passions:  Counseling





























Senait Wolassa, Ethiopian Canvas Artist

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ZOOM Coaching
1 hr
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